20180909 Goddess of Mercy Temple, Pitt Street, Penang

Size: 28 x 76 cm
Media: Chinese ink & watercolour on paper

This sketch was done with bamboo pen instead of twig pen with Chinese ink on watercolour paper. The bamboo pen is bought from art material shop but i sharpened one side of the nib to very thin like a mini size oil painting knife. It’s the same method as how i sharpen my twig pen (like i always show in the workshop). Bamboo pen is harder compare to twig pen and produced thinner and more solid lines. I love to work with more details recently and this bamboo pen is ideal to work with. I also DIY some bamboo pens using old broken Chinese painting brushes.

The Chinese ink used for the sketch also not the brand which i normally use. The type i tried this time is “Sumi Drawing Ink” that i get from DAISO, it’s also water proof after completely dry on paper. I added watercolour wash as you can see in the final sketch.