Lukisan Sekolah Seni Malaysia Tingkatan 5

I feel very honoured that my sketches are featured in the new textbook Lukisan Sekolah Seni Malaysia Tingkatan 5 by Nadya A. Kamal, a lecturer from Universiti Malaysia Kelantan. Extremely happy and salute those who have been work hard for Malaysia art education.

“Art is not the subject for examination purposes but is a useful subject for your whole life. Art will make your life beautiful and meaningful”, a little advice for the students.

The Twig Sketcher ft Ch’ng Kiah Kiean

認識LIS的製作團隊是機緣巧合。原是另一位畫家朋友要找一處較安靜的空間受訪,所以就借用我的工作室。拍攝當天我被製作團隊LIS三位年輕人的專業態度所吸引。相談之後才知他們用業餘時間拍攝了好一些檳城人的故事。製作認真且專業,讓我很感動也為他們的努力感到驕傲。這一集是我的故事,請大家支持他們的YouTube頻道 – LIS余光

LIS團隊:Ronson Poy / Candice Lee / Jack Lim