20180909 Goddess of Mercy Temple, Pitt Street, Penang

Size: 28 x 76 cm
Media: Chinese ink & watercolour on paper

This sketch was done with bamboo pen instead of twig pen with Chinese ink on watercolour paper. The bamboo pen is bought from art material shop but i sharpened one side of the nib to very thin like a mini size oil painting knife. It’s the same method as how i sharpen my twig pen (like i always show in the workshop). Bamboo pen is harder compare to twig pen and produced thinner and more solid lines. I love to work with more details recently and this bamboo pen is ideal to work with. I also DIY some bamboo pens using old broken Chinese painting brushes.

The Chinese ink used for the sketch also not the brand which i normally use. The type i tried this time is “Sumi Drawing Ink” that i get from DAISO, it’s also water proof after completely dry on paper. I added watercolour wash as you can see in the final sketch.

20171210 Teluk Bahang Fishing Village I

Last year December when I first visited Teluk Bahang fishing village I immediately fall in love with the scenery. I did a sketch with my usual medium, twig and Chinese ink with a watercolour wash. I reduced the boat colour to only warm colour scheme.

Last Sunday, together with fellow USk Penang sketchers, I went back again to the same spot. This time I explore with a new medium: water-soluble graphite. It’s a kind of graphite that can be diluted in water. I bought it from an art store in Paris near Pantheon and Brigitte Lannaud Levy’s home where we did the workshop presentation.

Before that, I was given the graphite putty to try during my Ischia Ink Workshop with Simo Capecchi and Caroline Peyron. In order to keep our hand clean, we have to wear the glove to work with it. I hate to have dirty hand during sketching. We have a funny photo with Carmina Vila, good memories.

My sketcher friend Chin Kok Kong who is a DIY man gave me an idea to soften the graphite putty (it become very hard after I kept it for almost a year) with water and put them in a small plastic container and work with water brush/watercolour brush.

Size: 28 x 38 cm
Media: graphite & watercolour graphite on paper

My Watercolour Palette

Column 01
101. Lamp Black (Winsor & Newton 337)
102. Ivory Black (Winsor & Newton 331)*
103. Sepia Brown (Schmincke 663)
104. Sepia Brown Tone (Schmincke 662)
105. Vandyke Brown (Winsor & Newton 676)*
106. Burnt Sienna (Winsor & Newton 074)*
107. Burnt Sienna (Holbein 334)

Column 02
201. Permanent Red (PWC 512)*
202. Ruby Red (Schmincke 351)
203. Brown Madder (Winsor & Newton 056)*
204. Permanent Brown (Daniel Smith 284600068)*
205. Brown Ochre (Winsor & Newton 059)*
206. Raw Sienna (Winsor & Newton 552)
207. Burnt Sienna (Daniel Smith 284600010)

Column 03
301. Winsor Red (Winsor & Newton 726)
302. Winsor Orange (Winsor & Newton 723)
303. Cadmium Orange Hue (Winsor & Newton Cotman 090)
304. Cadmium Orange (Winsor & Newton 089)*
305. Indian Yellow (Winsor & Newton 319)*
306. Cadmium Yellow Hue (Winsor & Newton Cotman 109)*
307. Winsor Yellow (Winsor & Newton 730)

Column 04
401. Cobalt Turquoise (Winsor & Newton 190)
402. Perylene Green (Winsor & Newton 460)*
403. Winsor Green (Winsor & Newton 719)
404. Hooker’s Green (Winsor & Newton 331)
405. Olive Green (Holbein 274)*
406. Olive Green
407. Yellow Green

Column 05
501. Turquoise (Winsor & Newton Cotman 654)*
502. Cobalt Blue (Winsor & Newton 180)*
503. Ultramarine Deep (PWC 622)
504. French Ultramarine (Winsor & Newton 263)*
505. Winsor Voilet (Winsor & Newton 733)
506. Indigo (Winsor & Newton 322)*
507. Payne’s Grey (Holbein 356)*

*My favorite colours