Line-line Journey IV

Line-line Journey IV_FB Cover 003

Line-line Journey was conceptualised in 2011 with its first showcase in Penang. That exhibition presented Ch’ng Kiah Kiean’s Penang sketches (the starting point) with two other travel sketches of Macau and Bangkok. The journey continued to Puli, Taiwan in December 2012 (Line-line Journey II: Penang, Taiwan & Bali) and Kaohsiung in April 2013 (Line-line Journey III: Penang, Kaohsiung).

In July 2013, Kiah Kiean was invited to attend the 4th International Urban Sketchers Symposium in Barcelona. He demonstrated his unique sketching method using dry twigs and Chinese ink. He was also an instructor at the symposium. This was his first trip to Europe. Kiah Kiean was inspired by the architecture of European buildings and he produced a large number of sketches of its cities.

Together with his travel sketches of Bangkok, Taiwan and Guangzhou, this exhibition is a showcase of eastern and western architecture or landscapes through Kiah Kiean’s ink lines.