Dancing Lines: Ink Drawing on Location, People, Places and Things

Worlds collide and ink will splatter as Urban Sketcher Kiah Kiean Ch’ng, from Penang, Malaysia and Melanie Reim, from New York, USA, join forces to deliver a power-packed workshop where line drawing will rule. The passion and process of drawing architecture and people and the combination of both, with KK’s infamous, hand-crafted twigs and Melanie’s trusted cartridge pens will be explored over two days in and around Seattle, Washington.

Following a meet and greet and artist presentations of their work, we’ll explore the markets and other locations of Seattle with a respective focus on the majesty of architecture and the crowds of people in action through the eyes and expertise of our instructors.

Premises of composition, mark-making and calligraphic line will be explored through two days of workshops. Participants will have an opportunity to work with KK and Melanie each for a day as they each offer two equally strong but different ways of dynamic picture making and storytelling. Drawing directly onto the page, working with happy accidents of ink splatter and evoking mood through a variety of weight of line and tone illustrate the way that our lines dance across the page- Come dance with us as we draw Seattle!

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