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  1. Dear Kiah Kiean,

    I saw your work in a book of Urban Sketching.

    I am an illustrator in London, researching artists with strong drawing skills and interested in Architecture.

    Your work is a joy to the eyes.

    In November, I expect to be in Hong Kong for a few weeks. My parents lived in Penang when I was a small child so I will visit to explore ‘Penang in 2019’, and I hope, spend some time sketching.

    I would like to meet you for a coffee to exchange ideas, is this possible?
    It will be good to meet a kindred spirit.

    With best wishes,
    Member: NUJ,SAI, SOCaa

  2. Dear Pamela,

    Welcome to Penang. I would love to meet you and you are invited to visit my small studio here. Please contact me when you are in Penang.

  3. Hi Kiah Kiean,
    Love your work!
    love how your unique illustration style is able to capture the ambiance of the place and invoke a whole bunch of emotions for me.

    Also very generious of you to have the PDF book for download….normally people just have a few pages for preview then drive traffic to get the actual book! (I’m definitely keen to get a copy when I return to Malaysia…)

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